Special Friendship Made at The Samson Nursing Center

Meet Anna and Arlette, residents of The Bernard L. Samson Nursing Center. Anna, born in Massachusetts, moved to The Samson Nursing Center in October 2013 to be closer to her daughter. Arlette, born in Minnesota, came to The Samson Nursing Center in November 2014 after having several falls.

After spending time together, Anna and Arlette learned that they share the same birthday. This, along with their respect for each other, sparked a friendship. They started gravitating toward each other in daily activities and now help and encourage each other daily.

Arlette and Anna celebrated their 88th birthdays in May. They continue to enjoy their friendship by attending lunch outings together and just talking. Gwen Kaldenberg, director of the Bresler Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Program, said, “Friendship is something every person needs. The friendship these two have is remarkable-a true symbiotic relationship where they help each other.”