Puree Dining Program Promotes Dignity and Well-Being of Residents

The puree dining program at Menorah Manor provides residents on a puree diet with high-quality, appetizing, and enjoyable meals. The program was created in 2014, after Menorah Manor’s dining staff saw an opportunity to enhance the dining service while preserving resident dignity.

Menorah Manor’s puree specialist, Julian Vann, ensures that the pureed meals are delicious, nutritious and visually appealing.

“Our puree dining program helps us achieve our mission of creating an enjoyable dining experience for all of our residents,” said Michael Soronen, CEC, Director of Dining Services, Housekeeping and Laundry at Menorah Manor. “Having access to tasty, visually appealing meals is important for the overall health and emotional well-being of our residents.”

Fifteen to twenty percent of Menorah Manor residents are on a puree diet. Puree food is made for residents who have difficulty chewing and swallowing. Eating puree meals can make dining less enjoyable and can create problems in maintaining a healthy diet and socializing. The puree dining program allows the foods to resemble non-pureed meals through specialized products and tools, and culinary creativity.

Meals are made with fresh ingredients with added flavor from stock and thickeners, and the food is pureed and molded to look like its original form.

“Creating beautiful pureed meals requires dedication, attention to detail, portion precision and knowledge in plate presentation,” Vann said. “We always strive to make sure that the pureed meals resemble a regular diet to the greatest extent possible, and that it tastes good!”

“Our goal is to make sure the residents are happy,” Soronen said.