A Note From Donna Perryman, Our Chief Financial Officer

We were introduced to a lovely couple at last year’s Hanukah dinner. They had been residents for a couple of years living in our assisted living. After our dinner, I made sure to say “hello” whenever I was in the building and enjoyed our chats. I was fortunate enough to have photos shared with me recently from their wedding some 70 years ago. She was a war bride and he a young soldier. The photos were amazing. What they went through was amazing.

Sometimes we walk around not remembering or not knowing some of the lives our residents have lead. Incredible to think what they lived through and to see them still so caring towards each other. Our lives and our work can get so busy that we forget about all the memories that they created before they became residents here. With any luck, that will be us someday. Won’t you hope that someone cares to find out what your life was about? It’s not just an old man sitting outside feeding ducks. Maybe it’s a young soldier who bravely fought on foreign soil, saw some of his friends die in combat and managed to find some happiness amongst the sadness. Take a moment to say hello and maybe learn some life lessons from them.

- Donna Perryman, Chief Financial Officer