A Message from Robert Becht, Chief Executive Officer

February 18, 2021


Dear Friends of Menorah Manor,

My name is Robert Becht and I was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Menorah Manor effective Monday, February 15.  During the recruitment process, it was evident that Menorah Manor holds a very special place in the hearts of the Board of Trustees and leaders.  It is my great honor to have been chosen to serve in this role. 


Several months ago, I announced my upcoming retirement from Menorah Manor. It’s hard to believe but that day is fast approaching. The Menorah Manor Board of Trustees has selected our new CEO, Robert Becht, who will join us on Monday, February 15th. The press release announcement (posted on our News & Information page) will provide you with an introduction to Mr. Becht. I look forward to helping him get off to a great start.

A letter from Judy Ludin, chief development and communications officer at Menorah Manor

After having the privilege of being employed here for 30 years, I have decided to retire at the end of this year. It is with very mixed emotions that I make this decision, as this organization has been a big part of my life for so long. Personally, so many things have changed since I began my tenure here. When I began as a part time communications manager in 1990, I was a newcomer to Florida, beginning an exciting chapter in my life. I had a newborn son, and my husband and I had been married for ten years.

First Rap Video at Menorah Manor

This fun rap video was created to help celebrate Menorah Manor's 35th Anniversary and was scheduled to debut first at our Bucket List Ball celebration. After several postponements due to the COVID-19 virus, we decided to keep everyone safely at home and host the Bucket List Ball online. Please note that this video was produced in those wonderful golden days before COVID, when no face masks or social distancing were required. Please enjoy the Menorah Manor Rap Stars video.

Menorah Manor remains calm in center of COVID-19 storm

This article was written by Bob Fryer and originally published in the Jewish Press on April 27, 2020.

Anita Sher, 93, is unaware of the coronavirus pandemic that has turned the world upside down.

“Sometimes when you do not have the capability to worry, you are a happy person,” Craig Sher said of his mom.

Since last June, Anita has been a resident of Menorah Manor, a Jewish community sponsored facility in St. Petersburg that offers care for some of the most frail and vulnerable Tampa Bay area residents.

What would Mister Rogers do?

During this global COVID-19 health care crisis, we are all living a reality that none of us have ever experienced before. It is highly restrictive, uncertain, scary, all-consuming and filled with unfathomable tragedy. At the same time, this experience is giving each us of the opportunity to grow spiritually as we learn to cope with unwanted change, become more resilient and focus on what truly matters most in life.


Effective September 25, 2022, the website and COVID update line, 727-302-3818, will only be updated when there is a change in our status. 


New Positive Cases:

There are no new positive cases.

Current Positive Status:

Menorah Manor Offers Neshama Program

This article originally appeared in the Tampa Bay Times on March 10, 2020. It was written by Tampa Bay Times reporter Waveny Ann Moore.

Her mother’s death was imminent, and Judy Hulvey had a decision to make: Should she move the 88-year-old former preschool director from Menorah Manor’s Alzheimer’s wing to the nursing center’s new Neshama suite?

Neshama means spirit, soul or breath in Hebrew. At Menorah Manor, it’s a special place to die, enfolded by loved ones. Hulvey’s mother was the first to use the suite, which was converted from a semi-private room.