A Message from Robert Becht, Chief Executive Officer

February 18, 2021


Dear Friends of Menorah Manor,

My name is Robert Becht and I was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Menorah Manor effective Monday, February 15.  During the recruitment process, it was evident that Menorah Manor holds a very special place in the hearts of the Board of Trustees and leaders.  It is my great honor to have been chosen to serve in this role. 

In my first week, I am getting a glimpse into the specialness of the institution, the team, and those we serve.  The residents, families, and staff here are one family who share a common love for each other.  I have found a deep seated sense of care and pride in what we do every day.  I have also found a genuine commitment to serve and honor our seniors, their families, and our greater community.  Menorah Manor is truly a gem for St. Petersburg and a beacon of light for the senior care community.

My goal as CEO is to clearly continue Menorah Manor’s heritage as a pillar of excellence.  I also am focused on evolving the organization in the upcoming years to meet the changing senior care needs of our community.  Menorah Manor will continue to serve as an example of what can and should be done in senior healthcare.  We must continually rededicate ourselves to fulfilling the vision of our founders to enhance the lives of seniors, their families, and our community with compassion, innovation and service excellence – always staying true to our values of honor, dignity, kindness, compassion, excellence, integrity, stewardship, and innovation.

I look forward to the time when we have safe opportunities to meet in-person.


Thank you for the warm welcome and support,

Robert Becht