A letter from Judy Ludin, chief development and communications officer at Menorah Manor

After having the privilege of being employed here for 30 years, I have decided to retire at the end of this year. It is with very mixed emotions that I make this decision, as this organization has been a big part of my life for so long. Personally, so many things have changed since I began my tenure here. When I began as a part time communications manager in 1990, I was a newcomer to Florida, beginning an exciting chapter in my life. I had a newborn son, and my husband and I had been married for ten years. Shortly after moving to Florida, my parents followed, and they both became extremely involved in Menorah Manor, serving on the board and chairing various committees. My husband became very involved as well. It was a natural for my family to choose our organization for their community service work, as they heard from me daily about all of the wonderful work of Menorah Manor.

A few years after beginning my employment, another baby boy was born, and his bris was held here, the first and only bris to be conducted in the nursing home. It was a joyous event, especially since many of the residents in attendance had not been able to attend a “simcha” like that for a very long time. The years passed so quickly, and as my children grew up and I had more time, I took on more responsibilities with Menorah, including overseeing the Foundation. I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people over the years – trustees, donors, residents, family members and colleagues. Those relationships have shaped who I am, and I will always be grateful to have worked with so many who share my passion for Menorah’s mission.

As I finish my time here, there is something important that I have observed. Although my life has changed in many ways, something that has not changed at all is our mission of providing the best possible care, in a warm, homelike Jewish environment. It is refreshing that there is something in our ever changing world that remains constant, and I know our founders would be so proud that their hard work has paid off.

L’dor v’dor…from generation to generation. I pray that Menorah Manor will carry on its mission for many years to come and continue to go from strength to strength.