COVID-19 Update #12

May 27, 2020

Dear Family and Friends:

We are writing to clarify recent communications and provide an update regarding COVID-19 on the Menorah Manor campus.

On Friday afternoon, May 22, we sent out a COVID-19 Update, #11. In that communication we noted that we had no COVID-19 on our campus.

On that same day, several hours later, we were notified that a staff member had tested positive. As required by Federal regulations we immediately notified family members/responsible parties of this situation. There may have been some confusion with the first communication referencing no COVID-19 on our campus and then shortly thereafter reporting a positive staff member; hopefully this provides some clarity.

Regarding the positive staff member, the employee was immediately removed from our schedule and will remain so until we receive two negative test results. The potential exposure was on the second floor, south unit. All residents on the second floor have been tested for COVID-19. Responsible parties will be notified of test results. Similarly, we are testing staff who had contact with the positive staff member.

In addition, separate from our incident with the positive staff member, the State has initiated testing of all residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We have been advised that our test kits should be arriving soon. For now, this government mandated testing is a onetime test only. Responsible parties were called regarding consent for this test. Please note if the resident has been recently tested they will not be tested again.

We will keep you updated as further information becomes available. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

Rob Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer
David LeVine, MD, Chief Medical Officer