Adult Day Center

The Irv Weissman Adult Day Center, conveniently located in the Marion and Bernard L. Samson Nursing Center, provides a comprehensive adult day program for seniors. The program offers respite for caregivers and support for seniors living in their own homes. The program provides healthcare, socialization, activities and nutritional care for seniors in a warm, compassionate environment. In its most recent satisfaction survey in January 2019, the Irv Weissman Adult Day Center received a 99% satisfaction score. The Irv Weissman Adult Day Center sends satisfaction surveys twice a year, in January and July, to learn how it can better serve residents and their family members.

Services Include:

  • Recreational Activities
  • Assistance with Medications
  • Cultural Activities
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Social Events
  • Assistance with Daily Healthcare Needs
  • Exercise
  • Mental Stimulation Activities
  • Current Events
  • Transportation
  • Nutritional Meals & Snacks (including a daily continental breakfast and lunch)
  • A Specific Plan of Individual Care
  • Family Meetings and Support

Adult Day Center

The center is managed by a team of Menorah Manor professionals:

  • Nurses (LPN & RN)
  • Recreational Specialists
  • Social Workers
  • Dietitians
  • Personal Care Assistants

Hours: Monday through Friday - 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Please Note: Transportation is available to those participants who reside within the pick- up area.